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Lorraine Golding Dip. Counsel MBACP, MNCPS Acc.

Hello I’m Lorraine, a Psycho-therapeutic counsellor (person-centred trained) working Online across the UK and Ireland. My practice offers ‘Bended counselling’ to support clients and their needs. I work online during the week with most face-to-face sessions on Tuesdays and Fridays for locals based in Truro. I am flexible to meet peoples schedules and certain we can find a convenient time to meet and start working together.

Currently in Supervision training (KRCS Level 7) with plans to extend practice to include supervision to counsellors both individually and group setting plus add Consultation supervision as a dimension to other Professionals supporting people as part of their roles.

Some liken this to a pressure release valve; a time to be honest, talk freely, reflect and process. Having a neutral person can help prevent burn out and improve work/life balance to stop work stresses bleeding into the rest of our lives. This applies to primary, secondary, further and higher education staff, teachers, lecturers, support staff. Designated safeguarding leads, head teachers, senior leadership teams, Healthcare staff, GP’s, Nurses. Youth workers, social workers, carers, support workers and this list continues.

Whether you are looking for counselling or supervision, searching for the right counsellor can feel an arduous task. Learning about different types of counsellors, their modalities and what they mean to you.

My grounding is Person centred meaning a warmth and sincerity from the start, a lack of judgement and a holistic way of working. My preference never to put people into boxes and see the wider picture, often choose Integrate approaches as and when needed, which is especially helpful within supervision models. Lean towards Cyclical models.

I will put you at ease, answer questions and connect. I might be the right counsellor to work with you, if not – more than happy to signpost you or make a recommendation. With collaborative effort, trust and an explorative nature we can talk about what is bothering you and attempt to find meaning and a way forward.

Email me direct, tell me a little about yourself and what you are looking for from Counselling/Supervision.

Mobile 07928 344 770

This is a collective mark, owned by the BACP.

I am fully insured by Holistic Insurance with adult clients 18+

Confidentiality is key; the requirement of the policy is for client consultation records to be held securely for five years.

Work With Me

I have different facets. I’m a counsellor, audiologist and trained sound practitioner who brings these different elements into the counselling room. My ‘uniqueness’ sets me apart from others and it allows me to work across different age groups and see people from all ‘walks of life’.

I have rich experience with Anxiety and Depression, Bereavement and Loss. Recently including baby loss and Clients living with cancer. These issues are not just limited to the above but often around transitions in life, certain feelings that are difficult to talk about with family or friends. I work clinically but hold a holistic view to see the whole person as an incredibly special individual. I offer warm, safe environment, free from threat, judgement or criticism. This is fully embracing what in counselling terms we call the Core conditions.

This is an honest compassionate space where you can be yourself, start to make sense of your world and work out where you fit.

The work is non-directive, giving you the choice of where to go in the counselling hour. If you want direction we can set goals, we can work creatively but my practice is about YOU, upholding respect and autonomy. This is essential if you are to feel comfortable in the therapeutic relationship and find the right counsellor to meet your needs. Feel free to email and ask any questions and I will do my best to answer them. Note my mobile is switched off during sessions, and the best way to contact me is to leave a voicemail or send an email where I can book you directly into a paid session.

BACP and NCPS Registered; strictly adhering to the BACP code of ethics.

KRCS Advanced Diploma in Counselling supervision Level 7 finishes September 2024, there is a small waiting list for new supervisees.

Level 5 Advanced diploma in Psychotherapeutic counselling for independent practice,

Level 4 Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling

Professional Certificate in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy , Masterclass in ‘Working with Couples and Communication’ Human Givens

Please note I have a variety of fees reflecting different working times and days along with a few reduced slots as sliding scales for individual who may struggle to meet the full fee. This needs to be discussed on first inquiry as very much depends on my availability before contracting and agreeing to work together. Due to busy counselling days means no free introductory calls or trial sessions but going straight into paid sessions with completed intake forms forming part of my assessment process (see pages on the website giving example of my intake questions and full fees).


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